Wedding Gifts for a Small Budget

If you need to get wedding gifts for a smaller budget, you might not feel so comfortable with getting one of the smaller items in the recommended store where the couple has left a wish list. You can look into presents for the couple that might be cheaper to buy but still give off a larger impression than some of the smaller items in that gift shop with the wedding gift list. Here are some ideas for wedding gifts for a small budget. It can help you think outside of the box and come up with the coolest present of the whole party!

Photo Canvas

This is a personalized gift which is especially suitable for weddings and personal moments. If you know the couple well, this is a good choice. Pick a special picture that you have of the two of them or perhaps just one of them. Think about a theme that it expresses, perhaps happiness or a bright future. Choose a one liner to print on the canvas with this picture and you’ve got a unique piece of art which is personal and also a respectable wedding gift that can fit a smaller budget.

Click on this image to get ideas for how to create photo canvas as a gift for the couple that you want to celebrate:


Be their Personal Servant

This is one of the more creative wedding gifts that will have them smile at first but later on when they will need your help it will prove to be one of the best presents that they ever got! Make them a pretty gift card where you offer a certain amount of help-outs. This should include things like babysitting, switching tires, a ride to the airport and other things that you know that they need. Remember that this type of present is a commitment which you have to live up to. You can’t come later and say that it was just a joke or they’ll start to look at you like a joke! This can be a wonderful solution if you are a child still living at home with a parent or both parents getting married.

Gift Basket

Don’t underestimate gift baskets as wedding gifts. If you load a gift basket with nice wine and perhaps even some really good looking glasses to drink from it is a unique wedding presents that fits a smaller budget. Exclusive chocolate is also a nice addition to a gift basket for a wedding. Think sweet and special and go for products like these for your basket. The gift basket can also include tickets to a show or something unique that you know that the couple will appreciate.

Boring but Good Stuff

Ask any couple what wedding gifts they remember and you will most likely get to hear that they are still using the high quality pots that some aunt came with. These gifts are not the most exciting but in real life they are what counts. Get them a set of great kitchen ware. This is OK to do, even if they have marked the things that they want in another store. You can find the best prices online and save a lot of money on quality products for the kitchen that will be used and cherished. A good knife, quality pot, glasses, cups; these are things you just can’t go wrong with, no matter how many copies they will get. Couple this with a sweet and personal rhyme and your special gifts are ready to a budget that you will survive.

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