Are sites with loose diamonds wholesale secure enough to buy from?

Before you buy your first diamonds online you’re bound to ask if it’s safe and secure enough to make such an important purchase. While there are no absolute guarantees, there are ways to buy loose diamonds wholesale online with the type of peace of mind that you would find in that old-fashioned jewelry store down the street. Even in regular jewelry stores you need to pay attention to the things that will guarantee your security. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow as well as gimmicks to watch for when purchasing beautifully cut loose diamonds from a wholesaler on the internet.

What to watch for

If something seems too good to be true it probably isn’t true. Check the prices; certain types of diamonds should consistently fall within a reasonable range. While there are legitimate specials, watch for extreme differences in pricing. A diamond that would normally sell for $2000 probably won’t be sold for $450!
Watch for longevity in the online store. Stores that have been around for a few years are more likely to be legitimate. Call the phone-number listed on the site and wait for an answer. Ask questions about delivery policies, diamonds in stock, and GIA certificates. If there isn’t a number listed under the contact information, send an email. Expect a reply, if there isn’t a response you may want to look for another online dealer.

Make sure you are Prepared

Before you make a diamond purchase know what it is that you’re looking for. Gather information (tremendous resources are available online). Understand diamond attributes and decide in advance what your preferences are. The number of carats will be an important consideration as will the cut, color, clarity, and shape. Set a budget and stay within it; factor in the cost of the setting and other precious gems that you want to include along with the diamonds. Decide what you will do with the diamonds and stick with your plan. While you may want to remain somewhat flexible, it helps to have a goal in mind prior to undertaking such an important purchase.

You can save Money!

Buying diamonds is not an inexpensive endeavor, with proper planning it can be an investment well worth the effort. Without the steep overhead costs that store-front jewelers have, online suppliers can pass their wholesale savings on to you!

Ask about warranties, certificates, and delivery procedures. Make certain that financial transactions occur over a secure network.

Sites with wholesale diamonds can be secure. The benefits include countless diamonds to choose from and the ability to
buy loose diamonds wholesale at a reduced price. You may save hundreds of dollars. By following a few simple guidelines you’ll be able to shop with security from the comfort of your home.

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Which Feature will affect the Price of a Diamond the Most?

In the jewelry industry, they are known as the “four C’s”: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. But a word, Humpty told Alice, can mean whatever the speaker wants it to. But once you know what these words are supposed to mean, you can judge for yourself whether someone offering loose diamonds for sale online is being honest with you, or Humptying around. Briefly, all of the “four C’s” describe one thing: rarity.


In ancient times, the carob seed was used to weigh precious gems, gold, silver or platinum. The diamond was placed in one pan of the scale, and carob seeds were placed in the other pan until it balanced. Each seed was called a “carat”. By the 1900s, however, the carob seeds and two-pan scales were obsolete, so a carat was standardized for jewelers at 1/5 of a gram, and each carat was subdivided into 100 “points”. So a half-carat diamond weighs 50 points, or 0.10 grams. This standard remains, whether among professional merchants, or on web sites offering loose diamonds for sale online.

Only one in a million diamonds unearthed can be successfully cut into a one-carat polished stone. But only one in three million can be cut into a two-carat stone. Thus, two-carat diamonds are three times as rare as one-carats, and therefore three times as expensive.


Mixed in with the crystals are traces of the materials that surrounded them while they changed from coal into diamonds. Some of these trace elements will give a diamond a light tint, usually yellow, but often blue, red or other more exotic hues.

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) grades diamond color on a scale from D to Z, D being colorless and Z being yellow. Anything above Z on the GIA scale is referred to as “fancy” colored. As previously mentioned, rarity is the key to evaluating diamonds. So the most valuable diamonds are either as close as possible to colorless, or are fancy. The most popular diamonds range from D to J, or from colorless to nearly colorless, and the price goes up about 10 to 15% for each GIA grade.


Trace elements can also cause internal flaws, called “inclusions,” including specks, cloudy areas, or “feathering”. The GIA also grades for clarity, ranging from FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VVS 1 and 2 (Very Very Slightly Included), VS 1 and 2 (Very Slightly Included), SI 1 and 2 (Slightly Included) to I 1-3 (Included). These flaws are not visible to the naked eye until the SI2 grade. Those graded higher have flaws seen under a 10X magnification, and only experts can distinguish the finer grades. But the higher the grading is, the rarer the gem, thus more valuable.


A diamond will have 57 facets, 58 if you count the cullet. It has five parts:
1. the table (flat top);
2. the crown (embellishments around the table but above the girdle);
3. the girdle (setting edge);
4. the pavilion; and
5. the cullet (pointy bottom, which can be flattened to avoid chipping).

The pavilion must be formed at the proper depth, so that light passing through the diamond will be refracted and reflected back up to increase the brilliance of the set, polished gem.
Cuts are graded as Ideal, Excellent, or merely Very Good.

Let the Buyer be aware

When comparing loose diamonds for sale online, all four C factors must be considered in order. Fortunately, GIA has a grading system, provided for each gem.

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Special gifts for a boyfriend

What’s truly special? You are! Right, now you see where this article is heading… When looking for special gifts for boyfriend it is only natural to want something special and personal, but how personal can it get when you are scanning the most sold items on Amazon? Not very, and yet it can be as personal as ever. It all depends on what you do with it and who your man is. This doesn’t mean that hunting for birthday presents for a boyfriend has to be complicated. Actually, it can be a lot of fun and once you find that perfect gift, you will not be able to wait till he gets to see it.

Create a special day

This is probably the coolest way to surprise him but it also demands more effort than a simple gift. However, one cannot deny that the most special gift for a boyfriend will be something that he can enjoy and always remember. If he likes sports there are many activities that you can experience together. Go for canoeing, climbing, trekking or indoors skating or roller skating. Surprise him in the morning and take him out on a day of adventure and fun!

It must be a gift

If it has to be a gift that you can wrap in fancy paper and hand over at dinner, you will certainly have many good alternatives. Canvas art is never a bad idea. This is art made out of photographs. You pick a picture that is special to you and him and create a painting of it. The shops online that can produce this kind of photo art have many formats to offer and you can take care of everything directly online so that is smooth and effective. Other nice ideas for physical gifts are jewelry like a watch, sport equipment, perfume or a new gadget. Depending on your budget you can get him something that he really needs and something that he won’t expect.

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Snoop around a bit

Don’t forget to snoop around a bit. For sure, you are the one he confides in the most but this doesn’t mean that other people don’t know things that you are not aware of. He might have told a friend or family member about some special wish and he will never expect you to do something about it. If it includes a very expensive item you could gather people to pitch in to make his dream come true. Snooping around is very important when it comes to special gifts for a boyfriend so take advantage of this. Now you should have plenty of good ideas for what present to give him so get going and have fun while at it!

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Birthday Present for Boyfriend – Finding the Best Gift

You want to give him something special. Last year you forgot that it was his birthday for a few hours and he can’t seem to remember that after that you celebrated him big time. To make this a memory no one can ever recall you need to find a birthday present for boyfriend that is unique and also easy to get. Forget about 3 monkeys from Thailand that can sing his favorite song in reverse…

The most important is that you show him that you care. This is what he will remember. Therefore you don’t have to be so particular about a birthday present for boyfriend, simply go with something that feels right and watch him enjoy your care and attention. Another factor to consider is your budget. Don’t waste time on stores that only offer pricey gifts that you can’t afford or on cheap thrift stores if you are looking to splurge on him. Make a focused buy to save time and money!

Budget Gifts

Budget gifts for boyfriends aren’t that hard to find. In fact, if you walk into a regular thrift store you will find so many cool gadgets and things that he will love even if the price is a dollar or two. Consider his hobbies and interests. Maybe he would like a unique bottle opener or a special pocket lamp that can be attached to his keys. There are so many little thingies that will make for an interesting and unique gift.


Food stuff also belongs to the budget category. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift basket with chocolate, tea, fruit and perhaps a smaller gadget from the thrift store. Not only women enjoy this sort of gift. If you are creative you can come up with a basket that makes him feel you heart in a most amazing way. Let your fantasy wander and fill that basket with things that only you and him know how to relate to…


If you want to spend a little bit more on his gift you should consider jewelry for men. If he doesn’t like necklaces, rings or bracelets – go for cuff links that are truly fancy. Make sure that he gets a shirt to match. Men who don’t own cuff links will soon discover how they can make the outfit so dressy and interesting. You might even want to prepare him a personal set with his initials.

Sporty Things

This is also a very useful category. You are bound to find a great birthday present for boyfriend in the sports section of any store. If he never works out you can even get him something to use at the desk to strengthen his wrists. Think about healthy solutions and make sure to get the best price possible. Most things can be bought online for good prices, but look at things like delivery time so that you won’t stand empty handed when his birthday finally rolls around.

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