Luxury baby gifts – 10 great ideas

A new baby is born and all you want to do is spoil this new little person with the very best things that this world has to offer. It isn’t hard to find luxury baby gifts but some of the items offered in various baby stores are less needed than others. It is important to go for something which is actually helpful to the parents while being good for the baby.

Luxury baby gifts

If you want to put some more money on a gift for the baby, you should go for quality. Remember that luxury baby gifts are all about the care of the baby. This regardless if you get a baby blanket or a special baby bath tub. Go for the best brands and take a look at possible add on products. For example, a good baby carrier might come with a sleeve to use during cold winter days to cocoon the baby with.

Here are 10 great ideas for baby gifts that are a little bit more than the simple jump suit or towel. Get inspired and let these suggestions help you to the gift you would like to give to the new baby that you are about to get to know…

1.  Baby chair

OK, this baby can’t sit yet but it is only a matter of months till the practicing will start. Go for a baby chair that works both for the small baby and for the growing child. The chairs from Stokke have inserts for the baby that doesn’t sit by himself yet and they are made to help the child sit properly by the table till an age of 4-5 years old, in some cases even longer.

2.  Baby bath

A great baby bath is not a luxury gift for baby but rather a great present for the parents. It isn’t all that easy to stand over a regular tub and bend down to get the baby through the shower and the plastic buckets made to sit in a stand isn’t all that easy to use either. Comes Stokke with another brilliant solution, the Flexi Bath which makes it portable and storable. Imagine that, to store the baby bath in a corner and to bring it to any room in the house or outside on a warm sunny day…

3.  Baby carrier

No matter what parenting style we use, the baby carriers are a big help. This is a wonderful gift and one that will help Mom a lot. At least if you go for a carrier that is easy for Dad to understand. Forget about the wraps, go for a classic Babybjörn carrier. The Swedes have been producing this carrier since 1969 and it is still a hit among those who value quality.

4.  Baby bouncer

Another great item for the new baby is the baby bouncer. This is something that comes in handy when you want the baby close by but need free hands for cooking and other things. With a quality model you know the baby sits safely and the bouncer is easy to bring along so that the baby always has a good place to rest or just observe what goes on around her.

5.  Baby swing

With a high need baby arms can become sore and then the baby swing comes as a wonderful relief. The swing puts the baby to sleep and works very well to relax and soothe. Mom and Dad gets a bit of a break from holding and nursing so this is a great item to pamper them with. Again, look for high quality and a brand that is known for delivering a smooth and soundless swing. It is also nice with extras like music to turn on to further calm the baby.

6. Travel crib

They probably already have a crib but if you want to surprise them with something they forgot you should pick out a travel crib. This is a crib that folds and can be brought easily in the car. This is perfect for visits at Grandma’s and for outings in the park. In fact, the travel crib is one of the best luxury baby gifts that you will find!

7. Baby cradle

Get a modern cradle that comes with the classic rocking function. A cradle is not necessarily a bed for the night but it is a wonderful tool for putting a baby to sleep. If you choose a beautiful design such as the one from Babybjörn the crib will look good in any room.

8. Baby blanket

A blanket can also be a luxury baby gift. It all depends on the material and the design. If you want to make it even more special you can add the baby’s name to the blanket. This is easily done by ordering it with the baby’s name. Blankets are always appreciated since parents need more than one, two or three of them.

9. Baby monitor

Baby monitors are useful when the baby sleeps in a separate room. Even if the baby usually doesn’t sleep in its own room but takes a nap this tool can come in handy. Mom and Dad can do other things around the house but be on alert and come right away when baby wakes up and needs some attention.

10. Something for Mom and Dad

Let us not forget about Mom and Dad. If you are looking for luxury baby gifts you might want to get something that will gladden the parents of the baby. Give them some time together at the spa or why not send someone to give them massage at home? Another lovely gift for the parents might be dinner delivered or a laundry service to help them catch up with the regular routines as they are getting to know their new family member.

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What are the latest luxury baby gifts?

There are times when a regular baby blanket will be highly welcomed but when you feel that you want to do more. When you want to get luxury baby gifts it is not really the baby that you are looking to spoil, it is the parents. Therefore you should consider what will help them the most in the care of the baby. Today there are fantastic products that makes it so much easier to soothe, carry and care for little babies. These products are a pleasure to use as they are designed both with function and aesthetics in mind.

So what are the latest luxury baby gifts? You will find that there are plenty of news on the baby market and if you want the best you should look at the best brands. Here are some ideas for you to consider…

Baby Björn

This is a fantastic brand from Scandinavia that is especially known for their smart baby carriers but they also produce other great baby products like baby sitters, blankets that fit carriers and sitters, tools for eating and more.

Nursing chair

If Mom is nursing she will appreciate a comfortable chair to do so in. Here it is important to be aware of taste and preferences. But, in a bigger house it is never bad to have two stations for nursing so don't worry if the nursery is already set up with this type of furniture.

Baby gym

Baby gyms are always appreciated and you can get high quality baby gyms from Fisher Price. The baby gym is a big help for parents who want their baby within sight and active.

Travel in style

Baby and diaper bags don't have to be boring. Surprise Mom with a beautiful diaper bag!

A gift basket

You can also go for a basket that comes with everything Mom, Dad and Baby needs. A gift basket also gives a luxury feeling.

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Gift for 6 year old boy – Toys that last

6 year old boys know how to wear out their toys and this can be annoying when you think about how much money you put into their gifts. If you are looking for a gift for a 6 year old boy, you should go for Playmobile. This is a brand that gives you quality toys that will last. The boy will have to work hard in order to break these toys and he most likely won’t, because this toy will have him busy playing games for hours.

It is not for not that Playmobile has been such a success for so many years. If you want a good advice for the 6 year old boy you should go for the dragons. This is a series with many cool figures that will stimulate many play hours.

PLAYMOBIL Giant Battle Dragon with LED Fire

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